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About Us

Sis Fashion is a clothing company that is all about sisterhood and uplifting women everywhere! Sisterhood means loving and accepting someone where they are, but consistently inspiring them to their highest potential and God's will for their life.  Sisterhood is a bond that goes beyond family. It is a bond between all women. Sisterhood connects women together. United,  with love and support, we grow stronger. When any of our sisters win, we all win. More importantly, we leave the generations that follow  a legacy that teaches them to honor and love one another like sisters.

About The CEO:
Dee Dee M. Scott is a best-selling author, playwright, filmmaker and certified life & Fitness coach.  However, her joy is motivating women to live the life God predestined them to. Dee Dee's motto is,The Sky is not the limit; the limit is higher than the sky.